Thrift Shopping Tips

Buying clothes at stores or online can be so expensive sometimes, especially if you need high-quality items. Thrift shopping has been underestimated for years, deemed unfavorable because most of it is reject products or used products. However, you can really make some big wins when you thrift shop, and get branded items for a much lower price or unique vintage clothing that you can alter to make your own. Here are some tips for those of you who are a newbie to thrift shopping.

girl holding shopping bags against wallBefriend an Expert

The first thing you have to do before going on a thrift shopping trip is to find someone who has actually done it a lot of times before. They’ll be experts at which thrift shops have the best items, offers the best prices, and can negotiate the costs well.

Follow your friend and see the way she chooses her items, because sometimes the things you think are nice can actually be of low quality, and only trained eyes can see that. Your friend can also help you negotiate the price of the items you want.

Don’t Be Squeamish

In a thrift shop, you’ll find that some things are dirtier than others. Some might have stains and smell a little weird, so it is crucial for you not to be squeamish. If you see a small blood stain on a pair of pants, know that you can definitely wash it off. Items that are dirty or smell weird can all be made clean again. Besides, you can also alter the things into a whole new fashion piece. For example, long-sleeved shirts can turn into skirts with a little cutting and sewing.

girl holding shopping bags behind shoulderBrands Matter

When you go thrift shopping, getting branded items is a great bonus. This is why you need to check for branded items, because of the better the brand, the better the quality. You might stumble upon a used H&M jacket, but right next to it might be an elegant Chanel blazer. You should also cross-check if the brands are real or fake because it matters a lot.

You can accidentally buy a fake branded item, and you won’t be allowed to travel with it, because many countries have strong laws against fake items being brought into the country for fear that it might be sold for a far lower price to bring down the label’s market. You can feel the fabric and look into the label tag to see if they are sewn on correctly.