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The three Dutch DJs regularly collaborate together and perform on the most famous world electro stages. Monitoring headphones Spirit Professional, high-fidelity headphones, Spirit Classic and professional speakers SM9 owners, Hardwell, Dyro and Dannic share their impressions.

Hardwell, considered as the best DJ in the world based on the Top 100 DJs poll:

« When I built my new studio, I was looking for the perfect speakers. I sought information and when I heard the Focal monitors for the first time I felt in love with them. Indeed, I never experienced a more honest speaker in my life. I mean that all the frequencies were perfectly balanced out. For me, as a producer, it is important that studio monitors sound well for every single genre. That is what the Focals do! Without a doubt, these are my perfect speakers I have heard to date. »

Dyro, world's #30 DJ:

« Focal speakers are a great asset for my new studio. The back panel is great for customizing them according to my personal preferences. I spend a lot of time in big recording studio's all over the world and the Focal monitors perfectly mimic the quality and feeling of those in these studios which is great! »

Dannic is ranked world's #74 DJ according to the famous poll:

« Since I use the Focal speakers, I can hear the different elements in my music much better. My mixes have been largely improved too. These speakers are awesome! »