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Tips When Playing Foosball

foosball game

You can play foosball and have a lot of fun, irrespective of whether you win or not. If you are playing to win, however, you need to put in some strategy into your game. You need to engage both your mental and physical skills, especially if you are playing against a skilled player. Below are a few tips that you can use to help you win every time you play foosball.

Do Not Spin the Rods

As tempting as it can be, you should always avoid spinning the rods. This is because it is not an effective way of shooting as the shot will be less accurate and less powerful. It is even illegal to spin the rods, according to the game rules of almost all pro tournaments of foosball. Even worse, spinning can damage the rods and the warp.

Relax Your Grip

Many new players of foosball tend to hold the handles way too tight. This is especially the case when the game pressure mounts as the competition heats up. Always try to avoid holding the handles very tightly, as it will make it easier to make the different types of shots as well as to defend. A relaxed grip also produces more power as you flick your wrist and snap a shot.

Have an Open Stance

You should not stand straight with your feet parallel to the foosball table. Instead, open your stance and try standing at an angle of 4 degrees away from the table. The benefits of an open stance are that you will be able to move quickly as well as generate more power.


foostball game

In a foosball game, the first serve is usually right in the middle and does not favor any player. After scoring a goal, however, you can try to serve the ball to yourself. It is easier to do so if a serving cup is being used. Start by placing the ball on the left edge of the cup and then release it slowly. The ball should spiral down the cup along the right side, and when it drops, it will roll towards your rod.

Pin the Ball

Whenever you can, you should pin the ball. Pinning the ball will allow you to gain ball control as well as to plan your next move. To pin the ball, angle your player slightly as the ball approaches him. The angle should be such that it can trap the ball underneath the player. With a pinned ball, you can even execute a spin shot if you have the skills.…