Pros and Cons of Going to a Music Festival

Music festival or concert? Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between the two, especially if the singer or band you want to see is present on both occasions. To break it down, music concerts usually only feature one major singer or band and an opening singer or band, while music festivals feature a lot of major singers and bands. The purpose is the same, but they offer different features. Here are some of the pros and cons of going to a music festival instead of a music concert.

music festival goers wearing costumesThemed fun

Almost all music festivals have a particular theme. There’s Coachella, who embraces the bright summer vibes theme, and Tomorrowland that celebrates fairytale fantasies. This is why people dress up in costumes when they go to music festivals.

Festival-goers would look for the best summer boho outfits to go to Coachella, and go heavy on the glitter to look like a fairy to go to Tomorrowland. Being in a music festival is like being in another world, fitted to the theme that they are going for.

More cost-effective

With the same price as a concert ticket, you can see more than one singer or band. Sometime, you’ll pay the price of one concert ticket for a two-day festival! So if you favor a specific genre of music, you can go to a festival with that theme, and you get to see all your favorite singers and bands in one go.

Set times might clash

Remember when we said you get to see all your favorite singers and bands in one go? This is possible if there is only one stage at the music festival. However, music festivals usually have more than one stage. And when they do, it’ll be hard to hop from one stage to another, as the distance might be far and you’ll have to go through the crowd first. Your favorite artists might have the same performing time but in different stages, and that’s when you’ll have to make the tough decision of who to see.

funnel cake at carnivalExpensive food and beverages

Buying food and drinks at a music festival is the same as buying food and beverages in a movie theater. The prices are insanely high because they exploit the high demand for the festival goers. Even bottled mineral water can cost twice the price as if you were to buy them in a mini market.